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                                 MY STORY

I hope you have enjoyed my fitness story, and I just want you all to know that EVERYONE has the potential to make changes in their fitness / nutritional all starts with a DESIRE to do it!!

1st picture was taken back in 2003 - a lot 'thicker' - inflammation in the skin, and less defined - was not a vegan at the time either
2nd picture was taken this year 2017 - during a bootcamp here in Mexico City - a lot more toned and less inflammation in the skin - now a practicing vegan, flexible at times, but I am committed to keeping dairy out of my diet as much as I possibly can.

Change can happen!!! You just have to make that decision for yourself!!!  COMMIT TO BE FIT!!!

Throughout my childhood, I played sports (baseball in summer, hockey in winter) but I never worked out in a gym. Coming from a small town in Canada, we didn't have gyms available, only gym class in school. I was always a CHUNKY kid, never tiny and skinny, but I was tough.

When I moved away from home to a city at age 18, I had gained a lot of weight that first year, (about 20 lbs), and really wanted a change. I remember entering a gym for the 1st time, looking around with fear and interest all at the same time. I didn't know what to do with the machines or weights, so I just jumped on the treadmill and started to walk (because we had a treadmill at my parent's home so that was familiar). As I walked on the treadmill, I started to watch others lifting weights. I was so impressed with some of their physiques, and felt immediate excitement to be there and to learn!! :)

Over time, I started reading fitness magazines and really pushing myself to learn all about the gym; how to use certain machines, different recipes to prepare, and the proper form when lifting weights. I learned all of this ON MY OWN, because I had a DESIRE to learn, to grow, and to better myself on the inside & out.

After many years of training in the gym, and ALMOST competing in a body building competition (but I didn't because the DIET was horrible!!), I decided to become a PERSONAL TRAINER, and to teach others about what I learned, and ultimately how GREAT I felt!! In 2009 I became a certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (San Diego, California) and began giving beach bootcamps & individual personal training sessions in Costa Rica in 2010. I LOVED IT and really felt like this was the right job for me. Unfortunately, I didn't stay in Costa Rica long enough to really make a business out of it, but it was always a dream I had to one day start a fitness business where I could be my OWN BOSS!

Long story short, now I have returned to that DREAM of starting up a business in fitness, here in Mexico City, and am completely JOYFUL for doing it! It is a challenge at times, but the market for fitness is HUGE and I will not give up!! I love what I do :)

I have not always been that SKINNY GIRL, and in fact, when I was a teenager, I was TEASED A LOT about being CHUNKY / OVERWEIGHT for my age......but today, at age 37, I feel very comfortable in my BODY, proud of my accomplishments, and the changes I have made in both fitness and nutrition, and have a PASSION & DESIRE to train and teach others about fitness EVERY DAY!!